Charging Station

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Size: 11"x4.3"x9"(LxWxH) (Height w/o backlit 4.5")


Capacity: holds 8 Power Packs per station

Power:AC 100V~240,50/60Hz,2A Max DC 12V,6.5V

These units feature the same charging power as our comercial units plus they are able to be re-charged outside of the base station with the charging cable included in the packing.

Complete charging starion w/8 packs

Replacement power pack for charging station

Individial power pack for resale


• Illuminated custom branded panels

• 8 Individual power packs

• Power saving function

• Charges 2 devices simultaneously

• Slim & light-weight

• Power level indicator lights

• Double sided custom  branded Power Packs

• Dual built in lightning & micro-usb cables

• Wireless Power bank charging technology

• Potential Advertising Revenue

Power Packs :

Size: 4.75"x2.8"x.3"(LxWxH)

Capacity: 4,000mAh/3.7V

Type: Lithium Polymer Cell

Battery Power: Input 5V/2A /Output 5V/2A

The FoneSaver X8 system consists of a charging station that integrates four illuminated branded panels and neatly houses 8 slim,lightweight Power Packs. Each individualPower Pack inculdes built in charging cables for both android and uphone phones and tables, charges two devices simultaneously,leverages 2x Fast-Charge Technology and is capable of charging devices twice as fast as a traditional power adapter.