Easygreen 1300 Laser Rangender rangender

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Which is Tour certied to give you the condence to  Get the most accurate distance, with the EASYGREEN 1300 laser The device is accurate to within 1- yard of distance,  with a range of  inclines and declines for a more accurate reading, which can be  select the right club and get the best result. 5 - 1,300 yards, 400 yards to a ag.  Plus features Slope Compensation Technology which compensates distance based on switched o for use in competition. The device is rubber armoured, with a splashproof (IPX4) ergonomic  housing

* Pin Tracker with
* Slope Compensation
* Accurate to 1 Yard
* 6X Magnication
* 5 - 1,300 yard Range
* 400 yards to ag
In-view in metres or yards
* Splashproof - IPX4
* Lithium Battery CR2
* Dimensions: 105 x 72 x 38mm / 4.1 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches